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How everything started ..

Some time ago, I decided to climb every mountain in the Glarus region. Whenever possible, I took my paraglider along, in order to fly after the climb.
Based on the experiences from these hikes, I classified them, added remarks and placed the 'data discovered' into a database.

If you want to access the data using a list, click on List of mountains.
Maps are also available. If you want to access this data geographically, click on Maps of the region's mountain ranges.
Clicking on Evaluate the Mountains allows you to change the evaluation and reorganises the list of all the mountains accordingly.

Classification of the hikes
Points range from 5 (best) to 1 (least) for:
Quality of the trail: a good, safe trail marks 5 points; a dangerous climb marks 1
Trail/hike interesting: a surprising, adventurous hike (eg. with a nice climb) marks 5 points; a boring, up-and-down one marks 1
Nature: lots of flowers, game, interesting geology marks 5 points; complete lack of it marks 1
Situation: peaks or hikes with great views and/or lovely surroundings mark 5 points; completely enclosed ones mark 1
How often climbed: lonely hikes (less than 5 visitors a year) mark 4 points; crowded hikes mark 1
Worthwhile for ski hikes: excellent ski hikes mark 5 points; those not accessible at all, and those exceedingly dangerous mark 0
Worthwhile for para-hikers: peaks with good take-off ground and scenic flights mark 4 points; those with no chance for a flight at all mark 0

Classification of the difficulty
B: Good, easy trails. On potentially dangerous spots are railings or cables to hold on. - This is the only type everybody can use, irrespective of his/her mountain experience.
EB: Trails usually marked and easy to find. Dangerous spots normally without cables to hold on. Easy climbing, if at all.
BG: Trails usually not marked, often hard to find. Usually on very steep, yet overgrown ground, particularly dangerous when wet. Little chance for fixing safety equipment.
L: Hikes on safe, easy glaciers. Little problem, if basic rules of behavior on glaciers are followed.
WS: No more trails. Usually slopes of gravel, stones or easy rock climbs. Safety equipment often useful. UIAA-scale II (I .. III)
ZS: Rather difficult and/or dangerous climbs or treacherous glaciers. Only the expert goes there without safety equipment. UIAA-scale III (II .. IV)
S: Very difficult and/or dangerous climbs. Only the foolish go there without safety equipment. UIAA-scale IV (III .. V)

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