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Braunwald stationär

Tour aufs Mittagshorn

In the year 2008, the site of the Glarus Main Thrust became a UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
Detailed informationen can you find here.

In order to show and explain interested persons or groups the values and particularities of the region, trained  GeoGuides  offer guided tours.

Descriptions of longer GeoGuide trips I organised can be found in the "Exkursion" pages (links in the left window; sorry: only in German).

Pages "Glarner Berge": Because I have climbed all mountains of the region at least once, I know the place probably better than anyone else.
Pages "Gyro-Projekt": These pages describe my gyrocopter and how I built it (sorry: only in German).

I offer to guide you to any site within the UNESCO World Heritage perimeter.
Be it for a one hour trip to the Lochsite or whatever else, we will find a way to do it.

Contact me for an arrangement
- by    mail
- or    phone    +41 (0)55 612 40 64

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